After nearly a decade of caring for my own, families and friends vehicles I decided to turn my passion into my profession and take my services on the road, and so Hancox Vehicle Care was created.

My aim is to continue to provide the same standard of personal and quality vehicle care to everyone in need, whilst working mobile within the High Peak area. In fact I am so confident in my services that I have even put my name to it!

All you need is off road parking, a water and electrical source and then leave the rest up to Hancox Vehicle Care.

So why use me and not the ‘cheap and quick’ car wash down the road?

  • Efficiency: Being an independent business I offer an appointment based service to ensure your car is given a professional service at a time that suits you, which saves you waiting in a queue or having to come back at another time.

  • Continuity of Care: I am Hancox Vehicle Care and therefore you can be assured you will always receive the same excellent standard of service from me whilst I grow in knowledge of your vehicle’s care needs. All treatments undertaken on your vehicle will also be recorded for future reference and records can be provided on request which looks great along with your vehicle’s service history if selling it.

  • Quality: I am confident that you won’t receive the same quality of care and service in any drive in car wash. Often these types of services are understaffed, over used and use low quality products and techniques that damage your vehicle over time. Sure you may not notice this after one visit but time after time this damage builds up leaving your paintwork flat and dulling the true colour of your car. I on the other hand pride myself on professional safe care methods – using Ph neutral British made products such as Auto Glym, Bilt Hamber and Car Chem, using quality wash mitts, towels and techniques that greatly reduce transfer of dirt and damage to the paint work.

  • Damage Prevention: The only truly safe way to wash a vehicle is by hand using a special dedicated mitt. Frequent and heavy use of a pressure washer to clean your vehicle leads to the finish on your paintwork being worn away as the dirt is blasted against it. That’s why minimal use of pressure washing is undertaken at Hancox Vehicle Care. Also washing a car with a sponge is very damaging to the paintwork, because the sponge is a flat surface any dirt picked up by it then acts like sandpaper as the rest of the vehicle is washed. That’s why I use deep pile hand mitts which pick up dirt an push it deep inside the mitt to leave the surface free of particles. I also use a two bucket clean/dirty system to ensure any dirt removed off the car/mitt goes into a separate bucket from that which contains the washing solution. All these things along with the great products I use is why Hancox Vehicle Care is the safest service for your vehicle.

  • Services: I go far beyond what is offered at a standard car wash and my aim is to return your vehicle to you as good as, if not better than when it left the showroom. I am also fully insured to protect you and your vehicle. See my services page for a full listing and further details.

Get in touch today to include your vehicle in the growing family of people who are having their vehicles kept looking and functioning at their best.

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