Paint work refinish – for medium+ swirls and scratches £350 -£525 2-3 days work:

  • Pre-wash foam;
    Vehicle is sprayed with a thick layer of a foaming product which is then left to dwell. This blanket of thick foam traps dirt and sweeps it off the paintwork safely and effectively, leaving a minimal contamination left behind.

  • Door and boot inners cleaned;
    Its amazing how much dirt the seals and shuts around the vehicle gathers. For a quality and thorough clean I ensure these are left as clean as the rest of the vehicle.

  • Wheel arches and wheels;
    Treated to a deep cleanse ensuring all caked on dirt and brake dust is fully removed.

  • Pre-wash rinse;
    Previous snow foam and wheel treatment rinsed to leave minimal dirt remaining.

  • Safe intense wash;
    Vehicle is then washed with top of the range shampoo. This product is more concentrated and has stronger cleaning capabilities. This is to strip back any previous products used on the vehicle to ensure the barest base to give best adhesion and quality of further products used.

  • Towel dried;
    Drying is crucial finishing stage to stop dust adhering back to the paint work and the towels I use are super plush, designed to avoid damage and leave no trace.

  • Paint Decontamination;

    • Tar and glue remover;
      Paintwork is first treated to a tar and glue removing product stripping away those nasty black deposits, bird lime and any other nasties built up over the year.

    • Fallout remover;
      Unknown to many motorists is the hidden heavy metal deposits that build up on a vehicles paintwork. This build up robs the vehicle of a smooth finish and a true shine. A product is sprayed over the bodywork which breaks down the metal through a chemical reaction which then bleeds the waste out of the paint work.

    • Clay bar wipe down;
      If any contamination has managed to survive the first two stages, these are followed up with a wipe down using a soft clay based product. Not too dissimilar to a big clump of Blu-tac, the clay bar removes any further dirt and gives the paintwork a unbelievable smoothness ready for further work.

  • Paintwork Compounding;
    A double stage- multi set machine polish is performed on the vehicle which starts with a heavy compound which is later further refined with a light refining polish. This cuts back on years of wear and sun burn the lacquer suffers. The medium correction polish will generally remove medium and light swirls and scratches correcting on average around 80-90% of defects on the vehicle. Please see the images below to see how the defects have been removed, which a light enhancement polish wouldn’t have removed. Paintwork is left gleaming with a super glossy finish. The vehicle is then wiped down with a special solution to completely cleanse each panel ready for the protection.



  • Paintwork Protection;
    All this hard work is then protected and the refined lacquer locked in with a choice of wax, sealant or Ceramic coating depending on your preference. This will make the paintwork more resistant to wear caused by the elements and washing, and also make it more resistant to dirt along with being easier to wash.

  • Tyres Dressed;
    A thick gel sealant is applied to the tyres to protect against erosion and to give a fantastic new look.

  • Trim Restored and Protected;
    All plastic/rubber trim is treated to a product which restores the original colour and protects it against future wear.

  • Paint work buffed;
    To finish, the paintwork is given a complete buff by hand using a special microfibre product to really bring out the shine.