This Range Rover Evoque was booked in for a Gold Package plus a few extras. The Vehicle was already pretty clean so no before shots were taken.

The Gold Package is a single stage enhancement looking to remove minor imperfections in the paintwork and restore its true colour and shine. The package also contains a full 100% clean and treatment of every area of the vehicle. It typically takes a minimum of 12 hours but can take any where up to 20 hours plus depending on the clients needs and state of the vehicle.

The interior was already a nice place to be with only a few marks on the leather and head liner needing attention. With the cleanse and treatments it was left looking like new;

The paintwork responded great to the machine polish enhancement with the metallic fleck in the Santorini black paint really popping.

With all the exterior trim, chromes and tyres treated, the vehicle looked brand new;

Thanks for reading folks, check back soon for more showcases.