This Ford Fiesta was booked in with the client asking for a Gold Package but with the stipulation of retaining the dealer applied Diamondbrite coating. On researching the products it was clear that any decontamination work wouldn’t be possible with out compromising the coating. Therefore a silver package was completed with the addition of a hand polish using the Diamondbrite conserver. This product has a polish like consistency but its normally used diluted in water as a second wash to preserver the coating. How ever reading the fine print of the product it can be used neat as a contaminate remover and light scratch remover.

The interior was well used with plenty of dust and markings. The gaps and shuts had heavy water deposits;

The exterior wasn’t overly dirty but there was quite a lot of minor scuffs and scratches, a few deep scratches and some poor quality spraying on the boot lip;

The interior cleaned up really well and the trim looked superb with some restore and protect treatment applied;

So through out the detailing world dealer products have a bad rap and Diamondbrite is no exception. Whilst there wasn’t much beading showing up on the rinse the mitt glided well with the shampoo and the drying towel didn’t catch at all. I was also really surprised at the results from the conserver when used neat as a polish. It gave an exceptional shine and did actually eliminate some of the smaller scratches, it also greatly improved the poor spraying on the boot lip. The resin in the product also made the deeper scratches less obvious. The paintwork finished up looking gorgeous with a deep lustre and shine.

The feedback from the client was that “it looked better than when he bought it!” Its these comments that make the effort really worth it and is why I do this.

Thanks for reading folks, check back soon for more.