Another wet day in Derbyshire but this scary beast of a machine was booked in for a Silver Package. The client informed me that the vehicle had received a ceramic coating over a year ago so wanted to ensure that the wash products used wouldn’t effect it. Well at Hancox Vehicle care the products I use are ph neutral and biodegradable, meaning kind on your vehicle and kind on the environment.

The vehicle was already in pretty good shape so there was no need to rush and more time could be given to certain trickier areas.

There’s only a couple of before shots just to highlight the difference the interior tidy and cleanse makes;

The exterior wasn’t overly contaminated but with the paint colour being black there was a lot of obvious watermarks and dusting;

Unfortunately these bird droppings on the bonnet had marked the ceramic coating. The lime in bird muck is one of the most damaging things to paint and coatings a like, burning into it and leaving possibly permanent marking. Its so important to rinse these off your vehicle as soon as you notice them. 

How ever the client was informed that with a decontamination and polish it maybe possible to remove the markings.

The interior came up fantastic and the leather looked factory fresh after a deep cleanse;

With the ceramic coating already in place the vehicle washed up easily and was left gleaming after a liquid wax top up;

Thanks for reading folks, stay posted for more write ups coming soon.