Another great challenge here with this Vauxhall Corsa Van. The client had requested the decals to be removed from the bonnet and the car to be given the enhanced wash.

The interior was pretty dusty and in real need of some protection;

The exterior was typical of a white car, lots of bird lime, tree sap and green deposits in the shuts;

This was the decal that was to be removed;

The interior was no trouble and came up nice with the protection;

The decal removal was a multi stage process of stripping, glue cleanse and hand polishing to eliminate contrast between the covered and uncovered paint. The results were pretty impressive and the surface is now ready for its new decal;

The rest of the exterior cleaned up well and looked great with the addition of some liquid wax, chrome polishing and tyre treatment;

Whether its a commercial or personal vehicle Hancox Vehicle Care prides itself on making it looks its best.

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