This sporty little gadget mobile was booked in for a Bronze Package. Another dull cloudy day in Derbyshire but lets see if we can’t make this little Mitsubishi shine.

The interior wasn’t actually that dirty which gave me more time to focus on the exterior as being a white car it always requires more attention and a sharp eye for detail;

The exterior was as expected with a white car, heavy tar deposits which unfortunately won’t be being tackled on the bronze package, lots of dust and green deposits in the gaps and shuts;

Just a bit of dust control on the interior, light vacuum and some staining on the plastics, other than that not a lot to address on the inside. Here’s how it looked after;

With the time saved on the interior the shuts and gaps were cleaned along with arches and an enhanced wheel wash, which isn’t usually included in the Bronze Package. Considering no extra wax was applied to vehicle, the paintwork came up reasonably well. How ever the exterior would really benefit from a Gold Package which includes the full decontamination, to eliminate the tar and show the true shine of the white. Here’s how it looked after;