This Ford Focus was booked in for a Silver Package and much to Hancox Vehicle Care’s surprise it was a nice day and the vehicle was reasonably straight forward! So plenty of time to just crack on and enjoy the process.

The interior was fairly clean with minimal vacuuming needed. The trims were how ever in need of restoring and protecting;

Usual story on the outside with it being a black vehicle with lots of water stains, mineral deposits, plus bird lime and general dust;

As I’ve touched on before, vehicle protection is a crucial stage and something Hancox Vehicle Care is really keen to get in place and this goes for the interior just as much as the exterior. I don’t believe in the over tacky and super shiny cosmetic dressings that wear off in days. Only the highest quality product is used which restores the original look and protects it for the future.

Check out these 50/50s on different plastic panels;

Some fiddly bits on the interior but it came up a treat, unfortunately there was previous chemical damage to some of the fabrics which wouldn’t come out but the results are stunning non the less;

There was some minor scuffs and low quality paint touch ups that showed up after the wash but the liquid wax brought the shine out a treat and will keep the clean protected for the short term;

Thanks for reading folks, stay tuned for more Vehicle Care updates.