Another Ford Fiesta booked in for a Silver package, might need to change my name to Fiesta Vehicle Care soon! Amazed how well the black came up with the Silver package, how ever a Gold package would have really brought out the gloss and deep colour along with protecting it for months to come.

The interior fabric had average dirt build up, but the plastic had a lot of caked on dust, here are the before shots;

The exterior had typical levels of dirt build up, whilst the front wheels had some serious baked on brake dust. More time went into cleaning them than the rest of the exterior. Just goes to show the unexpected curve balls you can face. Here are the exterior before shots;

Check out the local fauna in the window gully, maybe this is where they got the term Eco boost from!

Quite impressed with how this smart little motor turned out, would be great to see the deepness of the paint with a proper decontamination, polish and wax.