Standard Valet – *£50 – 2 hours


  • Pre-wash rinse;
    Vehicle is given a thorough rinse, which reduces dirt transfer to the wash mitt during the cleaning process.

  • Safe wash/wax;
    Vehicle is then washed with top of the range Ph neutral wash/wax solution giving a remarkable clean whilst not harming the paintwork. A clever mix of wax in the shampoo also leaves a nice subtle shine.

  • Towel dried;
    Drying is crucial finishing stage to stop dust adhering back to the paint work and the towels I use are super plush, designed to avoid damage and leave no trace.


  • Clear out;
    All rubbish removed from the vehicle and items bagged up to make way for the cleaning process.

  • Vacuum;
    Every inch of the interior, including the boot is given a thorough vacuum.

  • Interior clean;
    Dashboard and trim wiped down with a Ph neutral and gentle cleanser to ensure maximum cleaning with out tarnishing or damaging.

  • Glass Cleanse;
    To finish all interior glass is given a deep cleanse to ensure maximum visibility.